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tv   [untitled]    March 18, 2017 12:37pm-12:43pm EDT

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confirmation hearing for judge and someone in political writing about that "supreme court nominee near locals -- neil gorsuch will get bipartisan cover, even if just for a few minutes." he will be introduced by both colorado senators, a democrat and republican before he delivers his opening set -- testimony. it has long been tradition that a nominee's home state senators give the introduction during the high-profile confirmation hearings. aides who have faced political pressure, said his introducing will have no bearing on whether or not he will support the supreme court nominee. here is a look at the confirmation hearing coverage for next week. monday starting at 11:00 a.m. eastern, c-span 2 will provide
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live coverage of the supreme court nomination hearings for judge nl gorsuch. all current justices were asked about tv coverage of the supreme court after confirmation hearings. >> my new best friend senator thompson assures me that television cameras are nothing i do notaid of, but have a set of you on that. i do think it is something that i would want to listen to the views if i were confirmed to my colleagues. >> i would suggest to the chairman that we move forward on that bill before he has an opinion on it. >> i think it might make me and my colleagues behave differently than they would otherwise. in perhaps they would become accustomed to it after a while. if the press as part of our environment, we cannot really excise it from the environment. in the courtroom, i think that the tradition has been that we not have that outside distraction and i am inclined to
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say that i would not want them in the appellate court chambers. >> i think it would be good for the american public to see what is going on in there. i do not know how long they would be interested in what goes on in appellate argument. be -- it doesn't rivet your attention except perhaps in the cases that have garnered a tremendous amount of publicity. i see no reason why beyond that concern american people should not have access to the court. >> my view on that is i don't see any problem with having proceedings televised. i think it would be good for the public. >> at that time, i voted in favor in the judicial conference of experimenting with television in the courtroom. that has been carried out. the results of that are being evaluated in the federal system. my particular appeals court was
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not part of the experiment, but not for want of willingness, it was because they could only have a small number. that is the circumstance in which i think my vote in favor of the experiment was right as of this moment. to deal the opportunity with this issue actually in relation to my own court a couple of years ago. all the courts of appeals were given authority to allow their oral arguments to be televised if they wanted and we had a debate within the court about whether we would -- we should allow television cameras in our courtroom and i argued that we should do it. i thought that it would be useful -- >> you took a position on this issue? >> this was one of the matters in which i ended up in dissent in my court and the majority was fearful that -- >> could you promise the same result? [laughter]
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--i have had promise positive experiments -- experiences with cameras. i have participated and volunteered in experiments. i have said that i think it would be a terrific thing to have cameras in the courtroom and the reason, i think, is when you see what happens, it is an inspiring site. i think it would be a great thing for the institution and more important, i think it would be a great thing for the american people. >> the second and ninth courts of appeal continue to permit a video coverage of their proceedings. all 50 state supreme court allow video coverage of their arguments. the canadian and british supreme court's ream their hearings live, the u.s. supreme court permits audio coverage only on a delayed basis. the supreme court confirmation hearings for judge neil gorsuch, live monday starting at 11:00 a.m. eastern on c-span 2,
12:42 pm, and all the free c-span radio app -- on the free c-span radio app. now, remarks from epa administrator scott pruitt. he delivered the keynote address at the national league of cities conference in washington -- washington, d.c. he was introduced by karen freeman wilson. this is just over 10 minutes.


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